Indonesia’s woven clothes are exquisite. Each region has its own uniqueness in colors and patterns. Lawe appreciates this highly and foresees the large opportunity for Indonesia’s traditional weaving tapping into the market. Therefore, we transform those clothes into modern and functional products. Through this kind of production, they are more utilized, have wide range of functions, and moreover, it opens up employments for tailors and artisans.

In manifesting our dream to develop traditional weaving and to empower Indonesian women, Lawe is developing Sisterhood program. This is a breakthrough program in building a network, movement and in running business. Lawe embraces women from other region who have the same concern; developing their traditional weaving in their own regions. Lawe realizes that without involving women from other regions, the movement of developing traditional weaving will take longer time. Sisterhood is also a facilitation program for women sisters who love weaving. Lawe, along with Sisterhood, are developing modern and ready to use products from traditional weaving clothes in each of their regions, facilitating the development of design and production, developing joint markets and opening up discussions among sisters where learning and sharing occurred.

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